I am a Norwegian designer and seamstress with a passion for timeless women`s fashion. My design is inspired by Scandinavian purity, with a hint of nostalgia and romance.

My collection is based on the concept of “slow fashion” – well-made garments in a timeless design, that are not tied to a specific season or trend. The pieces are simple, yet elegant and sophisticated, and they are easy to style for different occasions. With a Nina Lie in your closet you will always have something to wear.

My designs are not (and will never be) mass produced. Every single piece is designed and crafted by myself. I have a great passion for what I do and I put a little bit of love in every stitch.

Every piece is inspired by and named after wonderful women who has a special place in my heart. In one way or another each of these women has had an impact on my life and design.

Nina Lie


+47 930 60 467